Wednesday, January 6, 2010

COAG, Corporations and the New Government

COAG – Council of Australian Government
In May 1992, COAG was established to debate and co-ordinate government activities between the Federal, state and local governments.
It is the peak intergovernmental forum in Australia.
COAG is the "modern" restoration of the 1855 Federal Council of Australasia, wherein the independent colonies had a trade agreement.
Members are not voted in by the people.
They are the Prime Minister, the Premiers of each state and territory and the President of the Australian Local Government Association.
Some activities have included a review of Government Services.
Reform packages for early childhood
Nation building and jobs partnerships
Intergovernmental agreements on Federal Financial Relations
Bushfire inquiry
Economic Implications of an ageing Australia
National Water Initiative
Foot and Mouth Disease

Corporations & Government
Subsequently all states who have turned corporate in their own right, are outside the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and inside the Australia Act and can reprint all acts back to statutory legislation.
This allows the Australia Act to be the definitive constitution for a republic in all but name.
According to Law Alert, during the last week – 1 week only, the following 76 act & bills were brought in to be discussed, amended and passed
ACT: 8 including Rates & Land Taxes
Cth: 30 including Water Appropriation & Federal Magistrate Courts Amendments
NSW: 3 including Criminal Assets Recovery
QLD: 2 including Constitution Preamble Amendment
SA: 7 including Constitution Appointments
TAS: 5 including Police Offences Amendment
VIC: 13 including Local govt Act, Planning Legislation, water Amendment
WA: 8 including Mining, Environment, Crown Land & Planning Amendments
All together for 2009, the Federal and State Parliaments have passed or amended 2,313 new Bills, Acts and Regulations.
All are statutory laws of the new corporations protected by the Queen of Australia, sealed to the Great Seal of Australia and/the State Seals & inside the Australia Act 1986.

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