Wednesday, January 6, 2010

WA and QLD and the 1900 Constitution

In 1917, the Queensland government put a referendum to the people, asking them to remove the Legislative Council (Senate).
The people refused and the government went ahead and removed it.
This fractured the manner and form of the Australian Constitution and with that Queensland stepped out of the Constitution.
In the time since then, culminating in the QLD Constitution 2001, successive QLD government have gradually prepared the laws and the public service until today finds QLD without common law in any court, with a dictatorial executive government that ignores the wishes of the people, and enforces its own legislation over the rights of the people.
To do this successive Parliaments gradually repealed, back in time, every law that has ever been in existence that mentions a British law, including the American Bill of Independence.
These changed acts would be presented to parliament and using s15da of the Acts Interpretation Act, after 2 years they jump up and became valid to the new parliament.
Then if there were no requests to examine these acts, after 7 years they would be reprinted. Hence the big differences in the dates legislation came into effect.
If necessary, the QLD parliament would create another act to fill a gap.
Over that progressive period, the QLD Parliament have reprinted all necessary acts, and amended others until they now operate effectively under both the QLD Constitution 1867 and the QLD Constitution 2001.
All acts are all sealed to the power of the crown of Mr Whitlam – the Queen of Australia, rather than the crown of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK).
Beattie, in the second reading of the QLD Constitution 2001, stated, “It is so simple, they’ll never work it out.”

Western Australia
When the Constitution was passed by the British Parliament, WA had yet to endorse their inclusion.
The WA Parliament convened to consider an Enabling Bill for a referendum. This was assented to on 13 June 1900.
On 31 July 1900, a WA referendum carried their people’s agreement for the Act.
Queen Victoria had signed the Constitutional Act on 9 July 1900.
A separate proclamation had to be issued after the WA referendum to set the date for Federation – 1 January 1901.
In 1933, 68% of WA voters voted to have WA leave the Commonwealth and return to the British Empire as an autonomous territory. However, the British Government refused to intervene and no action was taken.
In WA, during 1 week in November 2009, over 50 acts were reprinted.

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