Friday, September 3, 2010

Why This Corporate Government is Not Our Government

To read the full package of information including some evidentiary documents please go to Larry Hannigan's Australia

First it is vital to understand just who We, the People are constitutionally.

  • The Commonwealth is the People - not the landmass known as Australia
  • The Commonwealth Parliament is the Parliament of the People.
  • Common Law is the law of the People.
  • Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Ireland is the sovereign of the People.
  • The People are Her subjects.
  • Her Majesty owns the land mass known as Australia, in trust for the People
  • Her Majesty is the keeper of the Law of the People, the Law of the Land

Therefore, all judges, police, politicians and etc can only deal with the People in any judicial and political manner by

  • swearing an oath to Her Majesty

which gives them Her authority to arrest or render a judgment, or make a law which will affect the People.

Without that authority, any of those kind of actions are null and void.

That is why, in the Courts and Parliament, the representatives of Her Majesty sit under a picture of Her or a replica of Her Royal Seal - to signify they hold Her authority in that place and that position.

That is why all acts of Parliament dealing with all civil and political matters of the People are sealed to Our Queen, under her Royal Seal. Because they are part of the part of the contractual relatonship we have with Her and Her Parliament.

Now what keeps the People to this structure of civil and political rights is the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (UK) 1900 inter alia Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900.

This is a commercial contract,

  • signed by the Hand of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria,
  • sealed by Her Royal Seal (the lion and the unicorn)
  • and delivered to the People with whom She has the contract - the People in the Commonwealth of Australia.

This contract is NOT and has NEVER been made with any government. It was made with Her Majesty.

Government, as such, belongs to Her Majesty, administering and protecting Her assets.

As subjects of Her Majesty, we are the beneficiary of Her assets, however, Government, in their dealings with the People, are bound to the People's "rules", as found in our Constitution.

Her Majesty CAN NOT remove Herself from that contract as it is binding on the Heirs and Successors to the throne in perpetuity.

Only the People of the Commonwealth can remove the contract.

Hence our Constitution is referred to as indissoluble - unable to be terminated or annuled.

The People of the Commonwealth pay Her Majesty $19 million dollars per year as part of that contract.

As Her Majesty is the owner of the landmass known as Australia any purchase of land is a commercial contract with Her.

Government are no more or less than agents in the sale. Stamp duty until recently accumulated in order to supply government with the funds to buy land back when necessary. That land would then return to being Crown lands.

(For all details on what you actually own when you purchase land please go to earlier postings on this site.)

Regardless of whether the land has been onsold since the first sale, it remains a commercial contract with Her in its inception, construction and constitutional authority.

This is because in every sale, She remains part of the ownership via the registration of minerals and other such physical elements of land.

This reservation has always AND must always be noted on the Deed of Title OR the reservation is not lawful or valid.

And in the case a person dies without any heirs to inherit, the land reverts to Her full ownership.

The right to own land is the foundation of all ownership rights, the ability to inherit and etc.

The money of the People is money that Her Majesty authorises as the owner of the land, which is the collatoral. This money must carry Her face and Her Seal to signify that authority.

Without the Authority of the owner of the land - all other forms of money in Australia have no value.

Why has our research led us to believe all governments since 1972 have been Foreign governments to the People?

Because in 1973, the Parliament of the Commonwealth was given permission to form a Research & Development arm, to capitalize on the mineral elements of the land mass of Australia.

Because Her Majesty owned that land mass, this was done with Her Majesty's permission as the Patron of that "arm."

And just as any company or corporation must have, the government claimed for its Seal - the Great Seal of the Commonwealth - the kangaroo and the emu - renamed the Great Seal of Australia.

From that time on, Australia should have had a constitutional parliament of the People under the "Commonwealth", AND a government arm dealing with the land under "Australia".

However, please note this could only be Crown land, because Her Majesty had sold private land out of Her government's control UNLESS, they purchase the land back and it returned to being Crown land.

Instead, as our research shows, the Parliament from Whitlam on, gradually absorbed the Parliament of the People of the Commonwealth, turning it into the Australian Parliament.

Creating the massive deception that Our Parliament was still in place, even after it had completely disappeared by 1986.

An immediate and simple proof of that is that ALL government acts, since 1973, have been sealed to the Great Seal of Australia.

What is the significance of the Seal I have been asked?

The Seal on any legal document - and all Deeds and government acts, etc are legal instruments - reflects the structure of law under which the document can only and must only be recognized lawfully and administered.

By that I mean, if a document is sealed to the government of Russia, it has absolutely no relevance in Australia.

Therefore, if the People are protected under the Royal Seal of Her Majesty, and all relevant acts, laws, etc must be sealed to that Seal to hold lawful authority over the People - then any act sealed to the new Australian government can have no power over the People.

Thus making the laws of the Australian government, no more or less, foreign to the People of the Commonwealth.

This is also vital in the Courts, because after firstly reworking all the Commonwealth court acts back under the Great Seal, making our judicial rights subect to the Australian government's courts - the judges began to make their Oaths, not to Her Majesty OUR Queen, but to the Queen of Australia - their Queen.

The judges are now called "corams" meaning an unelected judge, a person sitting as a judge, but not a judge.

Therefore making the courts liable to uphold not our Common Law, but the civil law of commerce, as practised by this Australian System of Government.

And to doubly keep the People well away from any Common Law, the sea boundaries were extended around Australia, both outward and inward along each State's coastline - the landmass was now legislatively covered in "water", thus allowing maritime law to rule in the courts as well.

Under maritime law, the captain of the ship has total lawful control, making all judicial rules. Common Law does not exist at sea.

Now, as the People CAN onlybe arrested, punished, sentenced, etc through Common Law UNLESS they hold a commercial contract with any government "department" or entity - the rise of registration, licensing, certification, etc began in this country.

Suddenly it was a crime to do anything without being given permission from some government agency.

Prior to the Australia Act 1986, which is the constitution of this corporate government, followed by the States entering their own individual republican agreement in 1999, then culminating in the full-blown Corporate Government from 2000 onwards, the governmental structure operated under a sort of dual system, whereby the People were "allowed" to retain some rights, in order to give the semblance that all was still well.

From 2000 onwards that is no longer the case.

It is now impossible to plead common law rights of ownership in the courts and as more and more people have suffered the consequences without understanding how or why - the People are forced into obeying government legislation and conforming to the rules of this foreign government.

Our Solution

We, the People hold a commercial contract with Her Majesty in the form of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution (UK) 1900 inter alia with the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1900.

And we pay Her through that contract.

She is now being asked whether We, the People still hold that contract and will She now abide by it to protect us and return to the People a Commonealth Parliament.

If She does not, We the People of Australia can sue Her for breach of contract.

If She does not, She will tell every other country that holds land under contracts with Her - including Britain, India, Jamaica, Fiji, Singapore, the Faulklands, NZ, Canada - that those contracts are breached and therefore valueless.

She will have breached Her duty of care.

Her worth as a commercial entity will be nill.

She holds only a nominal contract with the Australian Government, in that She is only their Patron under the title Queen of Australia.

This government can not claim any form of ownership of the land, as the Queen of Australia is not a real person, but an entity, owns nothing and has no Hand to sign a contract.

You will also note, that Australian money is not the lawful money of the People guaranteed by the land of Her Majesty, but paper guaranteed by a Queen who owns nothing - so it has no value.

What that will do to shares, money deposits, mortgages is yet to be seen.

Her Majesty gave the Australian Government two provisos concerning the People -

  1. In 1973, that they could not use Commonwealth money to fund this Australian research and development arm - which they did not obey.
  2. In the Australia Act 1986, that they hold a commercial contract with any person whose ownership rights were impacted by any government activity - they did not obey that.

Therefore, Her Majesty has been asked to remove Her patronage from this Australian government.

The only way this government can protect itself and minimize the damage is to force/persuade/coerce/manipulate the People of the Commonwealth to agree to a Republic, which would then mean that We, the People, had stepped away from our protective arrangement/commercial contract with Her Majesty. (Remember She can't do it, only we can dissolve the constitution).


Fill Australia with immigrants, give them Citizenship rights and massive financial support, to vote and wait till We, the People of the Commonwealth, are too small in number to have any voting strength. Then vote in a Republic and dissolve the contract.

However, that was before we knew what had been done and how.

Now it is up to each and every person in the Commonwealth to speak out and demand the return of their rights - because under this foreign government we have absolutely none and time will show that very clearly.

  • If you live in Victoria and have to ask permission from at least one council to more there, you know that already.
  • If you live in QLD and have been taken for an involuntary mental health check because you spoke out against the government, you know that.
  • If you live in the coastal areas of QLD, NSW and Vic, and are having the arbitrary wildlife corridor, run through your land, removing even your right to walk on it, you know that.
  • If you live in Tasmania and a world heritage listing is going to apply to your land because you have views over a significant site, you know that.
  • If you live in WA, and are fighting to keep government from seizing your land for environmental purposes, you know that.
  • If you live in SA and every high tide allows government to claim more of your land, you know that.
  • If you have lost your land because you chopped down some dead tea-trees to feed starving livestock and the court costs bankrupted you, you know that.
  • If you lost your home to council because you owed $240 in back rates, you know that.
  • If you were arrested by Water Board officials who raided your land, you know that.
  • If a bird has priority over your ability to live on your land, you know that.
  • If you were not allowed to build on your land, but council took it off you to give to developers who were given permission, you know that.
  • If you know something is wrong with government but no government person will listen to you, you know that.
  • If you have been told by a politician's office staff that they decide what letters he receives and who can see him and it won't be you, you know that.
  • If you did not receive any kind of justice in court, you know that.
  • If you have been roughed up by the government's police for disagreeing with government, you know that.
  • If you feel powerless to understand where this country is heading, you know that.
  • If you have ever said, "But they can't do that..." and they did, you know that.
  • If you did not agree at Referendum to any structure of government that I have described, you know that.
  • If you voted at any Referendum and saw the resulting vote ignored, you know that.



The People of the Commonwealth do not have -

  • Any common law protection
  • Any Bill of Rights protection
  • Any Human Rights protection (Amnesty International can verify that)
  • Any security of tenure
  • Any inheritance right

The People of the Commonwealth do not have -

  • Any courts to protect us
  • No police to protect us
  • No army to protect us
  • No lawyers or solicitors to speak for us
  • No politicians who work for us