Monday, December 14, 2009

Brigalow Corporation

Brigalow Corporation (of the State of Qld) originated in the old Qld crowns lands act and came about through the Qld government borrowing from the federal government funds to develop what was termed the “Brigalow Belt” (about 4 mil acres) out from Rockhampton during the 1960’s.

The old crowns lands act (Qld) has now been converted to the “Land Act 1994 (Qld)” and this is where you can find the “Brigalow Corporation” today. In essence the government of Qld has moved all the crowns land AND all crown land that was sold (fee simple) into the Brigalow Corporation through the Land Act, Land Title Act, Property Law Act, etc, etc, etc.

This was achieved through a series of Constitutional changes that were “Reprinted” into and out of the 1867 Constitution commencing in 1996 with “Reprint no 1” and ending with the introduction of the 2001 Queensland Constitution Act (whole new constitution) all without a referendum of any sort.

Once the necessary changes to the “Engine” have been made then moving or amending all subordinate laws is very simple, just reprint them starting with the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 (Qld).

The “Brigalow Corporation” in not Listed as a “Public” company on the Stock Exchange, it is an “Exempt Public Authority” which is found by definition at s9 and 5A of the Corporations Act 2001 (C’wth) (in right of the crown), except there is no “Crown” in Qld just “the State”.

The term “The State” or as written in most the modern Qld statutes, “This Act binds the state” is reminiscent of Stalin’s Russia where everything was the property of “The State”.

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  1. Doesn't this border on treason. Without the need for a bloody civil war, it there anything else we can do to stop this,