Monday, December 7, 2009

The Colour of Law in Australia

Every Common Law country has been battling the ever increasing surge of Government regulations, which have been removing our ownership rights, personal & civil liberties, rights of free speech and free will choice, that has been a key feature of our common law rights as men and women.


After the great wars, most countries were made bankrupt. Australia in 1932. Our country was already in massive debt to the international bankers, based in the City of London (a 1 mile square in the centre of London dominated by banking, insurance companies, trading companies and the like) – as they had funded much of the original early colonisation growth.

The deal was that Australia could continue to borrow – without having to ever repay the principal – as long as the government met the interest repayments.

To to do that they needed assets and the labour of the Australian people was the only asset that could produce money.

Yet, we were free will people with the right to choose whether we would pay off a debt that was not of our making.

So, we were manipulated subtly but surely to agree to contract ourselves to that debt.

By our voluntary agreement to register ourselves as assets, firstly of the government of Australia, then more securely under the corporate government of Australia.

Registering what –
Our children at birth – for which we are paid a fee (family allowance) to recognize our role as guardians.
Starting a bank account
Driver’s licence
Tax file number
Electoral role
Marriage certificate
Trade licences
Torrens Title land registration
Etc, etc

At birth, each child is worth $1 million to the government – the birth certificate is printed on bond paper.

At all stages of registration, your value increases allowing more borrowings.

In many US state documents, the state is not only listed as a third party to every marriage but as the primary party.

This voluntary and ongoing registration enters each of us in a situation where we became contracted to the government and are “forced” to obey laws that would not apply under Common Law.

Therefore we become subject to speeding fines parking fines, rates, dog registration, child innoculations, etc and when we protest, we enter the courts as guilty people having to prove their innocence.

Where is our Common Law?
Oh, it is still there, but as we are no longer Common Law people, having voluntarily given ourselves to the corporation as a chattel, we cannot access it.

And because we still appear to have a Constitution, we can still get a jury trial for murder, we can still appear to have a Monarch guarding us, we THINK we still have access to our long history of rights, when in fact we do not.

We have what is called the Colour of Law. Looks right, but is overlaid with something completely different.

And because the only legitimate money in the world is gold and silver, which government took away from us during the wars, we can only buy and sell with pretend money / fiat money, which ultimately means we have not really paid for anything properly.

Are we the true parents of our children any more? No, we simply mind them for the government, which is why they can step in and take them off us.

Do we truly own our cars? No, the manufacturer’s deed of production is held by government, we simply get to “rent” them yearly.

Do we truly own our land? No, we hold the paper title, but the government holds the primary title through our registering our land under Torrens title.

And Mr Kerry Shine, Minister for Justice and Member for Toowoomba in QLD stated that in a reply to a letter from a constituent, published in the Toowoomba Chronicle August 11, when he said “Finally, in relation to Mr Patch's third enquiry (TC 25/07), Common Law land rights have not applied to Queensland freehold land since the introduction of the Torrens Land Title system in 1861 or the leasehold lands which are governed by the Lands Act 1994. The "Brigalow Corporation" simply administers land pursuant to this Act. This system functions effectively to protect the interest of private landholders in Queensland.”

This explains why we cannot get Common Law relief in a court of law, why we are constantly told the Bill of Rights does not apply, why we have our home taken from us, when this is against common law, why government authorities think they can trespass freely on our land and in our homes.

We have voluntarily registered our rights away.

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