Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Notes from the Sydney Cooee Rally - 24 Feb 2010

What is happening in Australia? The People know that legislation is removing their rights, taking their assets and endangering their mental safety. The People know men and women who are fighting parts of the problem, such as Peter Spencer, but the question we must ask is how have government been able to do this without the permission of the People?

This is a simple overview of our findings -

1. Prior to the formation of the Federation, all colonies but SA were independent penal colonies, under the authority of the British Empire.
2. For purposes of trade, these colonies operated under the 1855 Federal Council of Australasia.
3. The planning for a Federation took 10 years of conventions and referendums.
4. The draft Constitution was formed and sent to England.
5. On 9 July 1900, Queen Victoria signed the amended Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900 and returned it to Australia.

6. This constitution required a final referendum of the People to approve it. Why?
7. Because it was a contract between the owner of the land, the Queen’s most Excellent Majesty, and her loyal subjects under the Seal of the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. And any contract must have the full agreement of both parties.
8. The details of this contract were that she and her heirs would protect us, we would pay into her consolidated revenue our taxes, she would then pay the public servants wages, and the public servants would obey our Constitution in their administration of her lands on our behalf.
9. Who are we in this Act? We are the Commonwealth. The actual Constitution at part 9 is the rules applicable to government.
10. And it states at part 9, section 117 and section 128 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900, that government can not remove our rights without our permission.

11. Unfortunately, for reasons of state, the heads of those independent colonies decided not to have another referendum, but instead agreed to this contract “for and on behalf” of the People. Creating the first loophole in Federation.
12. In 1973, Gough Edward Whitlam came into power and immediately created the Queen of Australia and the Great Seal of Australia.
13. From the time on all government legislation has been created under that Queen and sealed to the Seal. What does this mean?
14. The Queen of the People of the Commonwealth is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and Ireland – not the Queen of Australia. The Queen of Australia is an entity completely unknown to our rights. She did not sell us her land, she does not quarantee our protection.
15. The Seal of the People of the Commonwealth is the Royal Seal of Great Britain with the lion and the unicorn. The Great Seal of Australia with the kangaroo and the emu, is a seal completely foreign to our laws under our Constitution and our rights.

16. A Queen and a Seal are not just pretty pictures on a page, they are profound legal elements telling anyone who understands them and must operate under them, what laws, what government, what power they must obey.
17. Anyone who has been taken to court under these draconian laws should know that the first thing a judge must do is look at the Seal on the charge. If it is the Royal Seal he must rule under common law. If it is the Great Seal he must rule under the legislation of the Aust government. If it is the state Seal he must rule under state legislation. And he can not look at any other legislation in his decision. He is bound to the Seal and your rights are completely ignored.
18. Our rights are found under the Royal Seal, at common law and equity, as found in the judicial system created in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900 and protected by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Ireland.
19. Our rights are not found in the courts of Australia which are bound to these government creations – hence – we lose.
20. In essence, what Gough Whitlam created in 1973, was a republic in all but name.

21. The progressive removal of our Queen and our Seal from all legislation in Australia now sees the sovereign power vested solely in the Prime Minister, who has never been given that right by the People.
22. Under that sovereignty we have been made their commercial chattel, we provide them with our money/our taxes, we must obey their laws on political grounds, we are taken into their courts by their employees and tried in their system under statutory law, where, under the Criminal Code 1995, a person is defined as being a ‘nothing” and an act of treason can only be committed against a Prime Minister..
23. This is not our government. This government is completely foreign to our 1900 (UK) Commmonwealth Constitution.
24. In this foreign government all dealings are now contractural under the corporate structure.
25. Our government was authorised by Queen Victoria to operate under common law and equity, and their permission stopped at making laws for Peace, Welfare and Good Government only.

26. What have they done with our Constitution? They have placed it inside a consolidated act referred to simply as The Constitution. Inside that act is the Australia Act 1986 (their constitution), the Westminster Act and our Constitution – all Sealed under the Great Seal of Australia.
27. In simple words, under their control. We have been enslaved.
28. The states have all returned to their independent colonial status, reworking those 1800’s constitutions back into modern terms.
29. COAG is now the trade agreement between all government entities including local councils. You do not get to vote who sits in COAG, yet all agreements over your land rights are under the power of COAG.
30. People of the Commonwealth, they have removed our civil and political rights – did you agree to that?

31. People of the Commonwealth, they have removed your private ownership rights to your wealth, your land, your goods and your chattels. Did you agree to that?
32. People of the Commonwealth, they have created a ‘republican style’ government and removed our Constitutional Monarchy. Did you agree to that?
33. Her Majesty did not give this foreign government permission to steal her land and she has recently re-affirmed her role as the protector of the People when she stated she was the Head of State in this country.
34. And you must understand, we are the People of the State of the Commonwealth, so she was telling this government that she is now stepping into the battle to protect us.
35. People of the Commonwealth, this foreign government has taken the assets of Her Majesty, kept in trust for her People, they have sold those assets and pocketed the money. Did you agree to that?

36. This foreign government rules with fear and statute law.
37. They are nothing but thieves – do not allow them to force us to live in fear. We are much, much greater than that.
38. If you do not know who you are and what you own, you will not know what is being stolen from you.
39. Stand united, know who you are, where your protection lies and speak out. Make your voices roar through the offices and halls of their corporate headquarters. Let them know the People of the Commonwealth have had enough!

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  1. Regarding: 12. In 1973, Gough Edward Whitlam came into power and immediately created the Queen of Australia and the Great Seal of Australia:

    Does this mean, this "Queen of Australia" is an idol? And when we vote, are we committing idolatry?