Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Prayer for the People of the Commonwealth

110 years ago, our forefathers entered into a Covenant relationship with God through His regent Queen Victoria, when they created the Preamble to the Commonwealth Constitution.

In that Preamble, they forever stated that they "humbly relied on the blessings of Almighty God."

That Preamble is where the People reside as People of the Commonwealth and at this time in our lives and our history we need His blessings more than ever.

I offer this prayer to the People.

Almighty God, I acknowledge that relationship my forefathers entered into with You and I can see that Your blessings were mighty over this country, protecting it from many of the horrors that other people have lived through in other parts of this world.

And Lord, I acknowledge that we the People have become complacent and rebellious, turning from that blessing and following our own paths, even forgetting who created that blessing.

For that, I am personally sorry.

Humbly I ask, as a member of the People of the Commonwealth freely accepting that covenant relationship, that You continue to pour out Your blessings.

I ask, in this time when the People have no apparent judicial protection, that You become our Justice and our Judge in all things to do with the People of the Commonwealth.

When You see deception, manipulation and lies being used to remove the People from their covenant, constitutional & Royal protection, I ask that You stand between the People and those who would harm us, and render Judgment.

When You see theft being used to remove any and/or all the rights of the People, I ask that You stand between the People and those who would commit this crime against us, and render Judgment.

And when You see any attempts to enslave the People, removing them from their covenant relationship with You, removing them from that awesome freedom, I ask that Your Judgment be swift and decisive.

I ask, in this time when the People are bewildered, unable to clearly see where the Truth stands, that You place discernment, wisdom and clear direction into the hearts and minds of the People of the Commonwealth.

Finally I ask, in this time when the People are fearful and lacking in courage, that You give us a measure of Your power, a Measure of Your Fearlessness and a measure of Your Might.

And, as I can only speak for myself, I promise to use those gifts with Faith and Trust.

I ask in the name of Jesus Christ.

So be it.



  1. Hello Sue, I'm Jeremy Michaels and have a blog of my own which is in the spirit of pointing out how our governments are lousing up our nation, Would you be interested in linking our sites? Also I have included links to a couple of my articles which maybe of interest to you.
    and lastly a link to the anti Internet filter group No Clean Feed Even if my articles are not your cup of tea I dare say the Internet filter site would be something you would be against.

    Kind regards,

    Jeremy Michaels

  2. Done Jeremy - thank you for your support.