Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on the matter of the Rights of the People of the Commonwealth

Since April 2010, the research we have been involved in has been completed.

We spent quite some time attempting to lodge the matter into the High Court.

However, firstly we were told we were attempting to lodge the matter on the wrong paper, then when we changed it, that was also the wrong paper!

Then we were told we were 'apparently' not asking for anything constitutional, so it was returned, and etc.

Just like a game.

Finally David John Walter sent Chief Justice French a letter outlining the situation as we saw it in Australia, asking for him to intervene in a constitutional manner as a person of gender in the High Court of Australia.

In a letter written and sent by the Registrar of the High Court, we were told we could not correspond with the Chief Justice and that our matter held no jurisdiction in that court.

That was all we needed.

How could a constitutional, common law matter hold no jurisdiction in the High Court unless the High Court no longer acted in that area?

Unless the High Court no longer acted for the People of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900.

That matter has now been given to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the protector of the People through our Constitution and the holder of the common law, to read.

We are now preparing to go to the Privy Council to recover the civil and political rights of the People and to recover the protection for their private rights of ownership.

We are in the process of placing all relevant documentation on a website and I will publish that link as soon as possible.

If you wish to have the package of information immediately please contact and they will be sent as a PDF document.

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