Thursday, August 26, 2010

Brief Overview with regard the Previous Posting

If you want the full package of the information regarding the research that has gone to Her Majesty and will be part of the Case in the Privy Council please email

Here is an overview of the research findings as I personally understand it.

In 1973, the Parliament of Australia used a particular Act to create a research and development arm of the government which they call the Australian System of Government.

This ASG removed every common law / constitutional act from its lawful structure inside the Commonwealth government and placed them UNDER the corporate arm, including the judiciary.

In 1999 all (without reference to the People), states agreed to a republic inside this arm, created their own constitution for the research and trading called the Australia Act 1986.

They then corporatized the whole of the government, every tier, and began selling the country off.

Since 1973, the people of the country have not had a government as such, certainly not one that answers to their rights under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (UK) 1900.

The land mass of Australia is now a business,

  • the corporation that owns it is the Australian System of Government,
  • the board of directors (COAG) consists of the head of each state and the Prime Ministers,
  • the trading element is Australian money (which has absolutely no collatoral to back it),
  • the sweat and labour of the people is the asset base.

This corporate structure

  • has claimed ownership of all land in Australia, including any privately owned land (in a particularly devious manner)
  • borrows money using that land base from the International Monetary Fund
  • has made the only law in Australia civil / maritime attached to the International Criminal Code of Rome
  • moved the edges of the sea in order to 'cover' Australia in water for the purposes of maritime law

The judiciary work for the corporation in their own corporate arm

  • their practising certificates are issued by the corporation
  • their wages are paid in Australian money
  • they are bound to acts of treason against the prime Minister.

The People

  • are classed in these corporate acts as 'things'
  • are being forced to contract to this corporation
  • are charged under the Crimes at Sea Act
  • have their ownership rights removed under the Foreign Acquisitions Act.

The Foreign Acquisitions Act relates is used because if the people are "things", then they can not be heard or seen, they have no way of complaining and they belong to a government (Commonwealth) that does not exist in Australia at present, so this ASG is foreign to them.

How does this relate to the whole global warming issue, the ETS, the Mining Tax, etc?

I believe that is the actual research and development area of this corporate ASG, with the corporate decisions from that research being used to legislate over and remove the wealth of the People and the country.

I think we have been defrauded for the last 37 years, in a progressive theft, so that these entites, who have stolen our rights and our money, can make off with our land as well.

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