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Pt 2. The QLD Constitution 2001 & the Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD

The Brigalow Corporation (of the State of Qld) originated in the old Qld Crowns Lands Act and came about through the Qld Government borrowing from the Federal Government funds to develop what was termed the “Brigalow Belt” (about 4 mil acres) out from Rockhampton during the 1960’s.

The old Crowns Lands Act (Qld) has now been converted to the “Land Act 1994 (Qld)” and this is where you can find the “Brigalow Corporation” today. In essence the government of Qld has moved all the crowns land AND all crown land that was sold (fee simple) into the Brigalow Corporation through the Land Act, Land Title Act, Property Law Act, etc, etc, etc.

The “Brigalow Corporation” in not Listed as a “Public” company on the Stock Exchange, it is an “Exempt Public Authority” which is found by definition at s9 and 5A of the Corporations Act 2001 (C’wth) (in right of the crown), except there is no “Crown” in Qld just “the State”. The term “The State” or as written in most modern Qld statutes, “This Act binds the state”.

It is quite clear in the Second Reading Speech by Premier Beattie, that at the time the Legislative Assembly voted for the passing of the Parliament of Queensland Bill 2001 and the Constitution of Queensland 2001, they were allowing the use of Acts which had been framed but had not been passed by the Legislative Assembly and were, in fact, adjourned sine die going back to 1991. Sine die meaning to be Adjourned without giving any future date of meeting or hearing.

Those Acts were proclaimed on 7 June 2002 and then reprinted as law of that Parliament.

By the passing of these Acts by the Parliament of QLD, the subject citizens of Her Majesty have suffered the loss of their judicial relief at common law and all those rights which are originally entrenched in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act at sects 109, 107, 108, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, Chapter II, III, sects 75 and 76.

The Corporations (Q) Act 1990 (Q) Reprint No 3, was reprinted as in force immediately before 15 July 2001 ©State of Q 2006.

At this time, the State of QLD became a Corporation Government. Under the definition of ‘person’ in the Acts Interpretation Act 1901 (C’wth), section 22 (1)(a) expressions used to denote persons include a body politic or corporate as well as an individual.

The Acts Interpretation Act 1954 (Q) defines a person as an ‘individual and a corporation’ and as such the once Sovereign People are now subject to the corporate government of the State of QLD and as such are ‘chattels’ of the State of QLD Corporation.

I refer to the following Acts - the Reprints Act 1992, the Statutory Instruments Act 1992, the Legislative Standards Act 1992. These Acts were used in conjunction with the Constitution of QLD 2001, section 92 to create the corporation Government of the State and then further to repeal those Acts under section 95 of that Constitution. Those Acts moved back in time, one may say like the Tardis, reprinting, removing the Crown out of all Acts as far back as the Magna Carta then reprinting back to the Australia Acts (Requests) Act 1985 and removing all the positions as cited in that Act. The only part of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act which is recognized by QLD is the Commonwealth Constitution commencing at section 9. The sections of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act which are not recognized includes the High Court and the Federal Court.

By using the Australia Acts (Request) Act 1985 section 12 in conjunction with the other three State Acts, the Acts reprinted QLD into a corporate State. In conjunction with the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 section 15DA(2) which allowed for the automatic commencement and assent of any Act that had been laying dormant for a period of twelve months, Acts which were framed to create the corporate State of QLD in 1992, 1993 and 1994 were reprinted by the Reprints Act 1992 which is under the Department of the Premier.

The elected Members of the sovereign people of the State of QLD have, since 29th January 1999 taken it upon themselves, (contrary to the Criminal Code Act 1995(C'wth) to which they are all subject under Chapter 7 - The proper administration of Government), to create for themselves, under the Constitution of QLD 2001, a corporation Government in which the sovereign people of QLD and their property are mere chattels of the State. This surely is a breach of the trust and faith which the electors of QLD placed in their elected members to uphold and respect the laws of the Commonwealth.

The State of Queensland Australia is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commissions under No. 0001244818.

The Queensland Treasury Corp is registered under No. 0000852555

I have copies of their Annual Report for Foreign Governments & Political Subdivisions including the Queensland Treasury Corporation’s 2006-07 Indicative borrowing program Update.

I also have the Queensland State Accounts December 2006 which carries gross private information.

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