Monday, December 14, 2009

Pt 3. The QLD Constitution 2001 & the Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD

All Government tiers, including Local councils are now inside the Parliament of QLD.

The Members of the Legislative Assembly are clearly individuals and members of the corporation as defined in the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 sect 32 & 33.

Members of the Legislative Assembly are paid by the Parliament of QLD and are elected subject to the Election Act (Q) which is an Act enacted by the Parliament of QLD.

All elections held in QLD since 6th June 2002 are elections at common law but the Election Act of QLD is subject to the Uniform Civil Procedures Rules 1999 of QLD, therefore any vote given in any State, Federal or Council elections since that time are votes in name only.

The Acts Interpretation (State Commercial Activities) Act 1994 amended the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 to define "the State" to mean the Executive government of the State of QLD. Under the provisions of this Act, "the State" may carry out commercial activities 'without further statutory authority' and 'without prior appropriation from the public accounts' {s47C.(3)} Section 47C. defines 'commercial activities to include 'commercial activities that are not within the ordinary functions of the State' and these functions may be delegated by a Minister to an officer of the State who may subdelegate delegated powers to another officer of the State. An 'officer of the State means a chief executive, or employee of the public sector or an officer of the public service'.

The Second Reading Speech of the former Premier the Honourable Peter Beattie when he created the new Government of QLD, placed inside the Parliament himself as Premier (President), the Ministers, the Governor as a parliamentary secretary, the judges and justices of the Supreme and District Courts, the Supreme and District Court, the Local Government Councils.

The public officials are not public officials of "the Crown" but public officials of "the State" of QLD. As all real property has now been taken back by the State and held under the State corporation, the Brigalow Corporation, the public officials are in fact now working for the owners of the land, the State Government of QLD.

When the State of QLD removed the land and placed it under the ownership of the State, they did so without compensation or without a referendum.

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