Monday, December 14, 2009

Pt 6. The QLD Constitution 2001 & the Removal of all Ownership Rights in QLD

Assets of the Corporation

As the corporation of QLD, when it was formed, had no assets, it had to acquire assets if they wished to borrow. Under the Queensland Government (Land Holding) Amendment Act 1992, they immediately took all the Crown land and estates in fee simple registered under the Property Law Act 1974 as equity for the corporation without compensation to the registered owners of the property whether they live in QLD or anywhere else and converted that property for their own use, contrary to Chapter 7 of the Criminal Code Act 1995(C'wth) - The proper administration of Government.

The QLD Government Land Holding Amendment Act 1992 was reprinted into law through the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, whereupon all Crown land, assets and infrastructure on that land including schools, hospitals, roads, etc became subject to and responsible to the Ministers of the State of QLD as cited at Chapter III of the Queensland Constitution 2001.

The Acts Interpretation (State Commercial Activities) Act 1994 amended the Acts Interpretation Act 1954 to define "the State" to mean the Executive government of the State of QLD. Under the provisions of this Act, "the State" may carry out commercial activities 'without further statutory authority' and 'without prior appropriation from the public accounts' {s47C.(3)} Section 47C. defines 'commercial activities to include 'commercial activities that are not within the ordinary functions of the State' and these functions may be delegated by a Minister to an officer of the State who may subdelegate delegated powers to another officer of the State. An 'officer of the State means a chief executive, or employee of the public sector or an officer of the public service'.

Under the Lands Legislation Amendment Act No. 64 of 1992 © The State of QLD and mfurther now in the corporation of the State known as the Brigalow Corporation and further by amendment of the Constitution Act 1867 Reprint 2A which clearly defines that any estate or interest in the land to be acquired from any other person, the definition of land clearly does not include any estate, therefore the only land held has been transferred from the Real Property Acts of 1861; 1877; 1952 and 1956 into the Land Title Act 1994(Qld) Reprint 7 ©State of QLD 2003 and you hold your land in a statutory title only, without any further element of tenure of the Crown and the Courts are inside the Government and subject to the rules of the Court as found in the Statutory Instruments Act 1992© The State of QLD.

Recent newspaper articles have shown the next steps in this “legal land theft”. The QLD Government plans to determine Land valuation via the Improved Capital Value, which would allow their asset base to rise extraordinarily, as well as increase the amount of rates to the land owners.

A second article states regarding the QLD Urban Land Development ……..
“Both the authority and a developer will be able to write their own by-laws, open and close roads, levy their own rates, enter buildings without a warrant and cut councils out of the planning process in designated areas, all without being elected.”

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